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Wanda Barquero
Global Holacracy Lead
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Before Sage HR we tried another company. It was so complicated — you had to upload information and it was a mess in the end, so we finally left that company. Then we found Sage HR and have stayed with them.

Findasense is a global customer experience company using all channels to create consumer experiences, supporting the areas of marketing, advertising, sales, insights and business from an integrated omni-channel perspective. Their mission is to innovate and transform the way organizations build relationships with people. Currently the company is working in Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Spain. Since 2013 it is a consultant agency in the omni-channel industry providing solutions to customers in marketing, advertising and other fields.

Wanda Barquero, Global Holacracy Lead, Innovation Leader, Regional HR Manager for Andean Region shares Findasense’s experience working with Sage HR.

We found Sage HR through an internet benchmark

Findasense was founded in 2007, we were a startup until 2013, when major expansion started to all the aforementioned countries. During the first years we were not so many employees, therefore it was easier to handle information and vacation times, but then during 2014 we started to search for new options to centralize all employee information. Findasense discovered Sage HR in a benchmark comparison with other personnel management tools – we wanted a unified database with all the information so that people can log in and register holidays themselves. At that point our main need was to keep track of people on vacation – to be able to register and keep track so that we know who is in the office.

Since then we have grown into a medium size company with 270 people working for us. We are working with customers worldwide. Although we have several offices, mostly we work with clients regionally, so it is easy to work with other regions as well.

From Sage HR solutions currently we use the whole performance part. The feedback part will be launched soon. We use also all the whole holiday registration functions. Surveys are in the road map – we do not use them yet. Onboarding and offboarding will be started in the 2nd half of 2019. We will use pretty much everything, also the compensation module. As overall modules we use leave planning and performance.

Most co-operation takes place online

Before Sage HR we tried another company. It was so complicated – you had to upload information and it was a mess in the end, so we finally left that company. Then we found Sage HR and have stayed with them.

We co-operate with Sage HR online, but also have regular video calls. Working directly with them has given amazing results because they have provided so many solutions for us and for our needs. It’s pretty cool! It is one of the greatest tools we have.

The HR department looking for a HR technology partner

Our HR department started the search for an HR technology partner because at the start, we used to have a manual approach - we were registering holidays one by one in Excel. Although we were not that many employees in those days, we needed to have some sort of better technology for this, and people considered holiday management one of the most useful tools that we could have. It became so easy that we integrated also other Sage HR services, so now the employee profile is super complete.

The main selling point is user experience and simplicity

For us the user experience of Sage HR technology was so basic and easy for us to adapt, We got great customer service at the start – they provided a really good demo and everything was easy and explainable. Uploading information was so simple – this was one of good points of Sage HR .(some other companies and tools were a bit complicated, for example, you have to upload 1000 sheets which then go into the system, and if something is not in the correct format, the result was a mess).

As we have grown so much with Sage HR (at the start Sage HR also didn’t have all the features we needed which they have now), we have built a partnership with them. The simplest request, recommendation or detail that we suggest is immediately given attention and they try to help us. They have created solutions that makes them a very customer oriented company.

The main criteria for evaluating vendors

The main criteria we were searching for in a HR service provider was price and user experience. We already mentioned a demo version and the level of customer service. At the beginning we did not need the objectives and evaluation functions. If we would have to look for partner now, these would be included in the list of criteria – the modules and different options as well as how it is centralized in one tool.

The integrated tool set has made us into a data driven company, When it comes to human resources solutions . Sage HR is does an excellent job.

Growing the tool to take in new data

There were no challenges back then because information was pretty basic – we had an employee profile and vacation. Now one of the biggest challenges is – as the tool is growing - to keep up with all the updates. I may be on the tool and suddenly you see something new. It is great, but for us one of the challenges is to learn about that.

Positive surprises during the implementation process

During implementation process the most positive surprise was the fact that it was so easy. Previously we tried another tool, but it was so complex to get started that we didn’t get around to implementation because all the necessary paper work and all the preparatory work didn’t pay off. Sage HR was really easy, and during the whole process of co-operation during the last four years we got all the nice surprises and new items that we have right now.

Feedback from employees

In our industry, people are not used to have all systems centralized. They are not used to setting personal objectives and evaluations and the like. When we onboard new employees and they see these features, they describe the tool as a really good one. It is cool to have it. It is easy to request time off or to work from home. Employees use it every day – either to request some time off, or do one -on -one evaluations on monthly basis, or to set quarterly objectives. They need to update all this information, and they also need to see if their colleague is on vacation or not. You just go to calendar and see it there.

We are currently launching the evaluation process function, during the summer of 2019 we will start 360 degree evaluation. We haven’t explored the quick feedback yet.

So our s co-operation is continuing...


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Alina Roščina
Alina Roščina
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First time I was impressed how powerful Sage HR is, when our cabin crew members provided 11,000 feedbacks to each other in just two weeks!

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What I love about CakeHR is that you can add on modules as you grow. A lot of the competition doesn't allow that

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Wanda Barquero
Wanda Barquero
Global Holacracy Lead

Before Sage HR we tried another company. It was so complicated — you had to upload information and it was a mess in the end, so we finally left that company. Then we found Sage HR and have stayed with them.

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Clients Testimonials

Great software with a great team behind it
We solve the complexity of holidays clashing with Sage HR. It's a a core part of our business that every employee uses. I love how simple it is for our team to request holidays and to monitor sick days also. The interface is nice too.
Craig McCormack
Sage HR is a Strategic Partner for Findasense
Has helped us a lot in the optimization, automatization and agility to handle our employee data and processes like leaves, feedback, goals, etc. We have established an alliance with the Sage HR team and this has allowed us to customize the app to our and being able to find solutions to our daily needs.
Laura Di Prisco
Excellent Product!
Managing Time Off for multiple teams and multiple types of time off. Makes it very easy to see where everyone is without having to manage a company calendar. Easy to use on the go with the mobile app and emailing capabilities. Easy to accept someone's time off request within the email with just a click of a button. Absolutely love this tool for our team's time off.
Julie W
Overall Good experience
I searched through a lot of different HR systems and Sage HR was the best for my small company mainly because I could pick and choose features that I wanted to use. It was easy to add assets and the search ques- tions and customer service was pretty good about responses.
Love it! Should have implemented it from the start!
Sage HR is a very easy and straightforward platform to use not just for admin but the team as well. The look and feel of the platform is great as well, and makes HR a fun part of the company.
Piece of Cake!
I love the ease of use Sage HR offers. It is very intuitive, easy to read (I love the appearance!) and easy to train new employees on. It is also very simple to use the Sage HR API to integrate with other software we use as an organization.
Sarah S.
One of the quickest growing HR systems on the market
Only second to one system, which is unaffordable for us. I look forward to seeing how this company develops. I recommend this system for any growing startup and SME.
Sage HR make PTO sweet and simple
Working with Sage HR has been a dream! There interface is incredibly user-friendly and makes managing our PTO policies a breeze. Managers love being able to accept/deny requests directly via the email notifications, and our employees love having quick access to submit time on the mobile app. Sage HR is well thought out and de- signed.