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Wherever you are in your journey,
Sage HR has a module that's right for you.

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Core HR + Leave management

Digitalise your absence management & HR essentials

Included as standard


Set goals, schedule 1-to-1's & manage 360 feedback

Shift scheduling

Flexible & functional shift planning module


A fast, easy way for employees to track overtime


Submit & manage company expenses from mobile app


Create job ads, manage applicant pipeline & schedule interviews

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List of features

Core HR
Shift scheduling
Employee database
Onboarding & Offboarding
HR analytics
Workflow builder ("Recipes")
Onboarding templates
Scheduled reports
Active Directory integration
Single Sign On (SSO)
iOS & Android mobile apps
Slack bot
Create unlimited time off policies
Build custom policy rules
Add custom fields
Request & approve time off from mobile app
Approve directly from Slack
Assign specific employees to specific policies
Customise time off approvers
Advanced reporting
Automated reports, sent directly to accountant
Full change history
Goal approval flows
Team & Company goals
Quarterly progress view
Goals overview view
Link with parent goals
Visual goal chart
Choose naming - Goals or OKRs
Add owners of Key results & Initiatives
360 feedback
Build custom 360 feedback templates
PDF export
Survey filling from mobile app
Customise reports
Share reports with employees
Allow managers to send out
Allow employees to nominate who will give feedback
Build custom survey templates
PDF export
Survey filling from mobile app
การประชุมแบบ 1 ต่อ 1
Schedule 1-to-1 from mobile app
Calendar integration
Customise meeting templates
Send “thank you” to colleagues
Ask feedback from anyone in the company
Give & ask for feedback directly from mobile app
Save pre-defined shift template
Access from mobile app
Group shifts into areas
Drag & drop shift management
Daily, weekly & monthly visual reports
Full data export
Employees can advice availability
Control permissions with access groups
Configure working patterns
Simple interface to update hours
Automatically pre-fill hours from time off data
Claim expenses from mobile app
Control permissions with access groups
Upload attachments from mobile claims
Friend referral
Applicant import
Unlimited applicants
Unlimited pipelines
Custom pipeline stages
Hire & add to Sage HR with one click
Landing page designer
Application form builder
Careers page
Pipeline stage triggers
Outlook integration
Detailed change log


Alina Roščina
Alina Roščina
VP Human Resources

First time I was impressed how powerful Sage HR is, when our cabin crew members provided 11,000 feedbacks to each other in just two weeks!

Anna Jagric
Anna Jagric
Director of Operations

What I love about CakeHR is that you can add on modules as you grow. A lot of the competition doesn't allow that

Wanda Barquero
Wanda Barquero
Global Holacracy Lead

Before Sage HR we tried another company. It was so complicated — you had to upload information and it was a mess in the end, so we finally left that company. Then we found Sage HR and have stayed with them.

Trusted Human Resources Partner

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