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მობილურის ნომერი

The Sage HR mobile app transfers the power of self-service & simplicity from the web-based application to your hand-held device.

თანამშრომლის თვითმომსახურება

Each employee has account where they can see their leave balance, request new time off as well as access other important information - their goals, 1-to-1 meetings, etc.

კომპანიის დირექტორია

Make your company transparent & let everyone access their colleague profiles with simple information - position, team, email & phone.

Approval flows in mobile

Time off approvers receive push notifications when their employees request time off & can approve or decline directly from mobile device - quick & easy!

List of time off requests in the Sage HR mobile app Push notification for time off requests in the Sage HR mobile app List of employees in the company in the Sage HR mobile app

დაიწყეთ უფასო სატესტო ვერსია

Easy setup
Free 30 day trial
ნებისმიერ დროს გაუქმება

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