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Alina Roščina
VP Human Resources

First time I was impressed how powerful Sage HR is, when our cabin crew members provided 11,000 feedbacks to each other in just two weeks!

The internationally recognized and highly rated Latvian company, airBaltic uses the 360-degree evaluation tool developed by Sage HR to assess the competencies of employees based on the views expressed by the employees themselves. Alina Roščina, airBaltic vice president for Human Resources, shares her experiences where technologies developed by Sage HR are playing a major role.

כל סיפור הצלחה של חברה מבוסס על עובדיה

אנו מבינים שכל סיפור הצלחה עסקי מבוסס על העובדים, נאמנותם וביצועיהם הגבוהים. עובדים מעבירים את היחס שהם חשים מהמעסיק שלהם לנוסעים שלנו. מדי שנה חברת AirBaltic מקבלת דירוג גבוה מנוסעיה על השירות והצוות המשרת את הנוסעים מדורג כמקצוען. זה מראה עד כמה זה חשוב לעסק שלנו. זו הסיבה שאנחנו עובדים על הרבה מאוד מתהליכי משאבי אנוש פנימיים מהם אנו מודאגים, כמו הצגת פתרונות חדשים העונים על הצרכים והאינטרסים של כוח העבודה המגוון שלנו, כך שהעובדים יהיו נאמנים ומרוצים וישארו איתנו לטווח הארוך ותמיד יתעניינו בביצועים היומיומיים הטובים שלהם.

אנו זקוקים לתהליך ניהול כוח אדם מסודר

We take care that the personnel management process is well-organized and transparent, Employees should have a clear internal view of their working life cycle in order to have a competitive and motivating remuneration system, other benefits, and that there be a feedback link not only between employees and managers, but also between departments and different project groups, so that people can give feedback, express appreciation and gratitude to each other for their collaboration.

השתתפות עובדים עוזרת להם להבין את היעדים העסקיים של החברה

We also expect great involvement from our staff. Every quarter there is an employee survey aimed at improving work processes and working lives in which recommendations and opinions are welcomed on what is good what it is necessary to improve. Through internal communication measures, we engage employees in business development so that they understand the business and its goals in the long term. This a whole complex of undertakings in several dimensions.

However, the employer's branding activities are not just an HR task. It is common goal we are striving for. In order for us as a recognizable employer to transmit an internal culture into the outside world, we also take actions through public relations and marketing, so that we can attract young workers. We are looking for new talents among students in various educational institutions.

תפקידן של טכנולוגיות חדשות בהצלחת החברה

One of the components that makes up our image as an employer is the innovations that find expression in our development of different services. This can only be maintained if people inside the company are accustomed to using technologies and solutions both in internal communication and in product development as well and in human resource management.

The Sage HR solution for the 360-degree assessment, which is very important to us -is particularly flexible and adaptable to our needs. In addition, it is being streamlined in the light of comments from managers and employees on their experience of using the system. We also appreciate the fact that the system is available outside on devices and computers outside the workplace, because the Sage HR application, which is very necessary for employees is also accessible if they are on the road for a large part of their business day.

שותף טכנולוגי לניהול כוח אדם היה נחוץ באופן אקטיבי כדי להבטיח יעילות

We implemented the Sage HR technological solution two years ago, when we changed from an old and quite inflexible system, built with our own IT tools, to something new, much faster and more adaptable to our needs, which at that time were very different depending on the area and department in which the respective function employees are employed. We started to look for a new solution for employee performance management and feedback. The offer from Sage HR representatives was one of the most successful.

באותה תקופה הבנו שאנחנו לא יכולים לעבוד בסגנון הישן. המהפך הגיע מההנהלה לאחר שהבנו שסקר אחד לשנה לא הגיוני ולא משקף תוצאות אמת. ריכזנו עמדות מכל רמות הניהול (כמאה אנשים) וכתבנו תוכנית עבודה מפורטת כדי לפשט ולייעל את התהליכים, בדרך שאכן תתאים לכולם ותיושם במלואה.

מפרט הפגישה קובע את הניצחון

Sage HR was selected in an open competition, in which we address both the suppliers of existing established systems and the start-up Sage HR, which were all directly involved in the development of various tools in the field of personnel management. They were ready to develop a completely new solution for us.

We are currently using the Sage HR performance management tool – the main components are the 360-degree assessment of employee competencies, feedback and goal setting for both performance evaluation and personal development. We use this tool also for the employee onboarding process.

הדובדבן בקצפת של Sage HR - גמישות ופתיחות

The choice of Sage HR was favored by their own great flexibility and openness – the abil- ity to adapt to our diverse fragmented needs and to build a solution for us rather than offering a finished product. Moreover, in the long run, they were ready to work a perma- nent system update and improvement, error prevention, and changing the process as soon as we need it. The offerings of other suppliers were not as appealing as they were already ready-made solutions that did not fit into one or the other of our criteria, and we saw large IT costs in long-term cooperation with them.

The first success story and accomplishments - thanks to Sage HR

ההפתעה הגדולה, ובאותה עת, תוצאה משמעותית הייתה הסקר של 360 מעלות של דיילי הבקתה, שם עמיתים העריכו אחד את השני. בזכות העובדה שהמערכת הייתה מאוד גמישה והייתה זמינה גם לאפליקציה, לקח לנו פחות זמן מאשר בשנים אחרות. תוך שבועיים קיבלנו 11 אלף דירוגים לעיבוד בהמשך ולקדם את התהליך הפנימי שלנו. זה היה ההישג המוצלח הראשון. הדבר האחר, אם אתם מסתכלים על האתגרים, יש לציין כי כלי חדש אינו פותר את הבעיה או את החסרונות של התהליך עצמו. כמו כן יש צורך ללמד מנהלים על התקדמות התהליך. הכלי הוא רק כלי, והאתגר המתמשך הוא ללמד מנהלים כיצד לנהל שיחות כך שיהיו משמעותיות ומוערכות על ידי העובדים. כיצד לגרום לעובדים להרגיש אחראים לשיפור, התקדמות ופיתוח הביצועים שלהם. חשוב מאוד שהטמעת הכלים ייצרה לנו יותר זמן להתמקד בלמידה קולקטיבית ולא להתמקד בתיקון בעיות טכניות או איסוף נתונים.

עובדים משתמשים בשמחה בכלי Sage HR באופן יומיומי

With the Sage HR tools we have implemented several internal surveys, and we see that the employee response is high. We understand that the tool is easy to use and accessible, and it also appeals to people to give a judgement or feedback to each other. Responsiveness is quite high, and for many employees it is a daily routine to link to colleague. An achievement of the application in providing a feedback link is the introduction of a game element, as colleagues are happy to like someone similar to what can be done on Facebook. The app allows you to give quick feedback to a person, and it remains and is saved. And it is possible to give back a review to a colleague who has given a positive comment. Later, at the company level, we collect data and reward the best or most popular receivers of comments, including the most generous commentators. The element of fun multiplies the amount of feedback, and day-to-day it gives a positive atmosphere when people thank each other.

יתרון מיוחד - גישת חשיבה עיצובית ליישום הפרויקט

During the implementation of the Sage HR system we worked with a design thinking approach, the same as used by Sage HR representatives in their work. This means implementing a large system in small steps. We tested the small steps and improved them at once: we took a prototype, tested, got feedback from users, change something and move ahead. Working with such an approach resulted in a good experience and we are now using it to implement other internal processes. It was an experience that developed us – a nice side effect.

יתרון משמעותי נוסף, אשר הוצב למטרה, היה לתת למנהלים ולעובדיהם כלי לניטור פעילות יומיומית וקידום תהליכים. זו הייתה המטרה והמשימה הסופית.

מיזוג עם מערכות ופלטפורמות אחרות הוא חיוני

One of our main requirements was to integrate the Sage HR system with our existing human resources management system. It was implemented. Also, the access system was set up so that a person could access the system from anywhere in the world.

The Sage HR tool helps managers make decisions

מנקודמת מבטה של ההנהלה, היום הם פתוחים ומוכנים יותר להשתמש בכלי כזה כדי לאסוף את השקפותיהם של העובדים, או להעריך את הצוות ולסקור את התקדמות הקריירה או את ביקורות השכר. הם רואים בו מקור מידע העוזר בקבלת החלטות.

מנקודת מבטו של העובד, קיים כלי המאפשר לכל עובד לתת במהירות את שיקול דעתו לגבי ביצועיו או להודות, או לבקש משוב, חלק מחיי היום יום של מחלקות רבות. ברגע שפרויקט מגיע לסיומו, הם מוכנים לזכור מייד ולשתף את דעותיהם. זה הפך לחלק מחיי העבודה היומיומיים.

שיתוף פעולה מוצלח הוא התחייבות לעתיד

Employees highly appreciate clear performance management. The main this is that the tool meets the needs of employees so that their performance is improved and that they understand that the system is transparent, and they are involved in making decisions and evaluations. Overall, we appreciate the Sage HR approach, openness to our very many different requests and needs. They themselves came with many proposals and quite quickly find new solutions to offer for our problems and challenges. Cooperation is very positive, and we look forward to continuing it as positively as hitherto.


סיפורים של מובילי שיווק הבונים חוויות לקוח ואת הנתונים בהם הם משתמשים

Alina Roščina
Alina Roščina
VP Human Resources

First time I was impressed how powerful Sage HR is, when our cabin crew members provided 11,000 feedbacks to each other in just two weeks!

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Anna Jagric
Anna Jagric
Director of Operations

What I love about CakeHR is that you can add on modules as you grow. A lot of the competition doesn't allow that

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Wanda Barquero
Wanda Barquero
Global Holacracy Lead

Before Sage HR we tried another company. It was so complicated — you had to upload information and it was a mess in the end, so we finally left that company. Then we found Sage HR and have stayed with them.

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תוכנה נהדרת עם צוות נהדר מאחוריה
We solve the complexity of holidays clashing with Sage HR. It's a a core part of our business that every employee uses. I love how simple it is for our team to request holidays and to monitor sick days also. The interface is nice too.
Craig McCormack
Sage HR הינו שותף אסטרטגי עבור Findasense
Has helped us a lot in the optimization, automatization and agility to handle our employee data and processes like leaves, feedback, goals, etc. We have established an alliance with the Sage HR team and this has allowed us to customize the app to our and being able to find solutions to our daily needs.
Laura Di Prisco
מוצר מצויין!
Managing Time Off for multiple teams and multiple types of time off. Makes it very easy to see where everyone is without having to manage a company calendar. Easy to use on the go with the mobile app and emailing capabilities. Easy to accept someone's time off request within the email with just a click of a button. Absolutely love this tool for our team's time off.
Julie W
בסך הכל חוויה טובה
I searched through a lot of different HR systems and Sage HR was the best for my small company mainly because I could pick and choose features that I wanted to use. It was easy to add assets and the search ques- tions and customer service was pretty good about responses.
אוהב את זה! היינו צריכים ליישם כבר בהתחלה!
Sage HR is a very easy and straightforward platform to use not just for admin but the team as well. The look and feel of the platform is great as well, and makes HR a fun part of the company.
קלי קלות!
I love the ease of use Sage HR offers. It is very intuitive, easy to read (I love the appearance!) and easy to train new employees on. It is also very simple to use the Sage HR API to integrate with other software we use as an organization.
Sarah S.
אחת ממערכות ה- HR הצומחות במהירות בשוק
רק מערכת שנייה למערכת אחת שאינה משתלמת לנו. אני מצפה לראות איך החברה הזאת תתפתח. אני ממליץ על המערכת לכל חברת סטארט-אפ קטנה או גדולה.
Sage HR make PTO sweet and simple
Working with Sage HR has been a dream! There interface is incredibly user-friendly and makes managing our PTO policies a breeze. Managers love being able to accept/deny requests directly via the email notifications, and our employees love having quick access to submit time on the mobile app. Sage HR is well thought out and de- signed.