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Anna Jagric
Director of Operations

What I love about CakeHR is that you can add on modules as you grow. A lot of the competition doesn't allow that

London-based BetterSpace is an online intelligent marketplace for employees to access mental health and wellbeing resources, easily and securely.

Paid for by employers, the BetterSpace app gives employees direct access to over 300 resources categorized by six wellbeing pillars – Sleep, Helping others, Physical activity, Stress management, Meaningful activities, and Social Connections. BetterSpace may suggest a local lunchtime yoga class, recommend a life coach, or offer expert tips on sleep management.

Kaks aastat tagasi asutatud ja ühe aasta tegutseva BetterSpace ettevõtte visiooniks on, et vaimse tervise ja heaoluga tuleks tegeleda ennetavalt. Varajase staadiumi sotsiaalse mõju uuendajaks nimetatud idufirma eesmärk on aastaks 2026 toimida heaolu abistajana üle 10 miljoni inimese jaoks.


Being in the business of workplace wellbeing, it’s no surprise that London-based BetterSpace would take its people management responsibilities seriously – even from its inception.

BetterSpace’s Director of Operations, Anna Jagric, wanted to find a platform that allowed her to manage all of the firm’s HR needs in a user-friendly way, looked aesthetically nice, and that was affordable

Kui Jagric asus valikuvõimalusi uurima, paistis konkurentide seast silma CakeHRi hinnamudel by Sage. "Mulle meeldib CakeHR-i puhul see, et saate kasvades mooduleid lisada. Suur konkurents seda ei võimalda,” ütleb ta.

The structure of CakeHR means companies only pay for the active modules and the number of active employees. Jagric said this is what helped her choose the platform. “I thought it was a fair pricing model; you shouldn't have to pay for functionality if you're not going to use it.”


The BetterSpace culture is centred on being mindful of people’s time wellbeing, so it relies most heavily on the Leave Management module. The company has seven different types of ‘leave’ – from the traditional annual leave, sick pay, bereavement and maternity/paternity, to the more forward-thinking mental health recovery time, wellbeing time, and working remotely.

“We use the Leave Management tool daily - possibly as heavily as someone might use their calendar. Our employees use it to signify whether they’re working remotely, whether they’re off sick, and also for things like our wellbeing time – which is where our staff track the amount of time they spend during working hours on looking after their wellbeing,” says Jagric.

Kui BetterSpace'i töötaja läheb näiteks pärast lõunat jõusaali, logib ta selle rakendusse CakeHR. See liigitatakse tunniks ettevõtte ajast, millesse nad ise olid investeerinud.


The other key factor for BetterSpace with the Leave Management module is the fact that it integrates with Slack, which is how the team stays connected. For example, the integration allows BetterSpace to push a morning message into the team Slack channel with everyone's status for the day.

“It's a brilliant way to start the day and reminds our staff that how they use their time is an important element to their productivity,” says Jagric. “Even though it is an HR platform, as a manager it feels like CakeHR supports me on many levels and I want more of that.”


BetterSpace has also implemented the Expenses module. All staff have the CakeHR app, and when they spend anything out of their own pocket, they take a photo of it, upload it to the app, and Jagric uses the app to sign off the expenses each month.

“Before using CakeHR, our staff would have taken a picture, emailed it to me, and I’d then have to save it in a file for processing later that month, or sifted back through my emails,” she says.

Using CakeHR for expenses has helped increase efficiency and given staff peace of mind. “They can see whether their expenses have been processed by using the app to see whether I've marked it as paid, - it's clear and simple,” Jagric says.


One of the things that has impressed Jagric the most about CakeHR is the people. She praises the whole CakeHR team for being highly responsive and providing the personal touch.

“BetterSpace is a fast-growing company, so I need the software that I use to have responsive people behind it. The CakeHR team immediately know where a query should be directed to or where a piece of feedback should be sent, and the response time is usually within an hour - no matter when I message.”


Looking ahead, the next module Jagric would like to implement is the Performance Management module. A key element of this module – and an added reason in BetterSpace choosing CakeHR - is the 360-degree feedback. It’s a method of performance appraisal that gathers feedback from several sources, including peers, direct reports, and managers.

“This type of circular feedback is something I’m very keen for us to implement; 360 feedback is about diversity and equality because it allows individuals to review their managers and peers, and receive the same level of feedback in return,” says Jagric.

Jagric has already been recommending CakeHR to her peers. “For all the reasons we've discussed - the team is amazing; the flexibility of the software; the customizability; the scalability. It also feels like we're culturally and that it’s a company after my own heart,” she says.


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Alina Roščina
Alina Roščina
VP Human Resources

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Anna Jagric
Anna Jagric
Director of Operations

What I love about CakeHR is that you can add on modules as you grow. A lot of the competition doesn't allow that

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Wanda Barquero
Wanda Barquero
Global Holacracy Lead

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Clients Testimonials

Suurepärane tarkvara, mille taga on suurepärane meeskond
We solve the complexity of holidays clashing with Sage HR. It's a a core part of our business that every employee uses. I love how simple it is for our team to request holidays and to monitor sick days also. The interface is nice too.
Craig McCormack
Sage HR is a Strategic Partner for Findasense
Has helped us a lot in the optimization, automatization and agility to handle our employee data and processes like leaves, feedback, goals, etc. We have established an alliance with the Sage HR team and this has allowed us to customize the app to our and being able to find solutions to our daily needs.
Laura Di Prisco
Suurepärane toode!
Managing Time Off for multiple teams and multiple types of time off. Makes it very easy to see where everyone is without having to manage a company calendar. Easy to use on the go with the mobile app and emailing capabilities. Easy to accept someone's time off request within the email with just a click of a button. Absolutely love this tool for our team's time off.
Julie W
Overall Good experience
Otsisin palju erinevaid personalisüsteeme ja Sage HR oli minu väikese ettevõtte jaoks parim peamiselt seetõttu, et sain valida välja funktsioonid, mida soovisin kasutada. Lihtne oli lisada varasid ning otsinguküsimused ja klienditeenindus olid vastuste osas üsna head.
Love it! Should have implemented it from the start!
Sage HR is a very easy and straightforward platform to use not just for admin but the team as well. The look and feel of the platform is great as well, and makes HR a fun part of the company.
Piece of Cake!
Mulle meeldib Sage HRi kasutusmugavus. See on väga intuitiivne, hõlpsasti loetav (mulle meeldib selle välimus!) ja sellega on lihtne uusi töötajaid koolitada. Samuti on väga lihtne kasutada Sage HRi API-d, et integreerida see muu organisatsioonina kasutatava tarkvaraga.
Sarah S.
One of the quickest growing HR systems on the market
Only second to one system, which is unaffordable for us. I look forward to seeing how this company develops. I recommend this system for any growing startup and SME.
Sage HR make PTO sweet and simple
Working with Sage HR has been a dream! There interface is incredibly user-friendly and makes managing our PTO policies a breeze. Managers love being able to accept/deny requests directly via the email notifications, and our employees love having quick access to submit time on the mobile app. Sage HR is well thought out and de- signed.