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We're here to solve your HR challenges, with our award-winning Sage HR product

SageHR, formerly CakeHR, has evolved its offering thanks to feedback from our clients and the committed work of our development & design team. Today we serve customers in the UK, US & Canada, along with 40+ global countries worldwide. Our seamless integration into the Sage family of products in Accounting and Payroll makes our offering the perfect solution for companies of any size.

كيف بدأ كل شيء

Sage HR started out as CakeHR, a ‘piece of cake to use’ thanks to our brilliant design. Our piece of cake grew through listening to our customers & over time adding more modules increasing our functionality, all whilst maintaining our focus on user experience and service offering.

We have forged ahead, expanding into multiple markets and been delighted to welcome Sage customers, both new and old to enjoy our product too.

Today, we’re proudly Sage HR, with the same passionate focus of serving our customers across the globe. Combined with the same strong commitment to developing our product to meet the needs of our customers as they too grow in size and scale.

إلى أين نحن متجهون؟

Sage HR is excited to support our customers with their HR challenges. Our Award-winning software has grown from providing leave management, into a fully featured HR platform, managing timesheets to expenses and performance management.

We’ve even more to do and as we forge ahead by developing new modules and features, our product will offer our customers greater integration into Sages Business Cloud portfolio and services including Payroll and Accounting.

Our growth reflects our commitment to create a seamless user experience for our customer, and one that harmonises our products to grow with you, as your business grows too.

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